Is your website saturated enough? Criteria for a well-designed website

Design2Wp Is your website saturated enough? Criteria for a well-designed website Fast unique websiteA look and feel of your website is what keeps visitors on the site, but ultimately it’s the purchase that counts. Many factors influence the desired outcome. A purchase-oriented website starts with a well thought-out design.


An attractive look, nice images and inviting titles are the best way to entice visitors to stay. In fact, it takes them 4-7 seconds to decide whether they want to stay or find their answer elsewhere. When designing and planning, you should always think with the customer in mind.

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The wording

When writing titles and copy, we look for the solution to the customer’s inquiry and phrase it in a way that makes them breathe a sigh of relief: “Finally, this is what I need!” This can only be achieved through a well thought-out plan, through copywriting based on a powerful concept.

The technical background

It’s no use having pretty pictures and enticing slogans if you don’t have the technical background. If the website is slow to load or if there is a long wait after clicking between pages, customers will prefer a more conveniently designed website and will leave the slow site. It is not only shoppers but also search engines that look at the speed of a website. If the website loads in more than 2 seconds upon first arrival, they will rank the website lower in the results list. The website we design meets all technical criteria to the highest standard. We pride ourselves on the speed at which our websites are displayed.

To summarize the above, a website with a good technical background should come as no surprise. The websites we design are based on a defined design, with proven tactics and, last but not least, the most modern technical background. Benefit from our 20 years of experience in website design and e-commerce!

Have a look at our offers; we are confident that we can realize your ideas!

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