Maintenance, updates, protection

Maintaining your website is as important as watering your plants regularly.

In the world of information technology, improvements are constant, so a well-functioning website is critical.

Plugins or programming language updates are written sometimes even on a daily basis, and there may also be an update to the hosting that can cause the website to stop operating.

A maintained website is resistant to hacker attacks, update glitches and last but not least, it displays up-to-date content. Most important of these is the security of your website. Creating a website is not cheap, but adds value to your business and is an integral part of your sales. It’s worth investing in the maintanance of it.

The unspoken requirement for websites is to be available 24/7, and be up-to-date and error-free. To achieve this, operation and maintenance are essential.

I would like to request a quote

Our maintenance services include

  • On-call availability (the fastest possible response to a critical failure),
  • Updating extensions, updates,
  • Testing the functionality of the website we develop,
  • Protection against hacker attack, infection, hacking,
  • Website monitoring 0-24 hours,
  • Backups to a server other than the one hosting the website,
  • Operational and update checks of the repository.

What is not included?

  • Cost of web hosting and domain names,
  • Ongoing content and product/service updates. These can be arranged by separate agreement,
  • Guaranteed 100% website uptime (Real uptime is 99.9%).
    If you need 100% uptime, we can do it! We also have a redundant web hosting service!

Please inquire about our maintenance services for the website we create!

I am interested in the offer!

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