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About me

I have started to design webpages in 2003. Static websites were enough for success in that time. A static price list on the website was enough to overtake the whole market.
Later on the dinamic websites became more needed because it was very easy to update the contents. More CMS’s (Content Management Systems) started for free licence. We started to test free CMS systems and finally we have chosen Joomla. We see this step as a good decision even Today. Lot’s of extensions and very flexible system makes this system one of the bests. I have designed the webpages since 2006 only with this CMS systems.
After a while webshops have started to become important. We have chosen Virtuemart and later on Joomshopping. When you would like to choose a webshope it is not as easy decision as to choose a CMS. You need to know the current and future needs as well to choose the webshop system smartly. Currently we support Magento but we are open to deal with other webshop systems.

Best regards,
Andrew Kollath